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Guaranteed fun factor

Cultivation with the Grow-Grow Nut always succeeds and appeals to many human senses - the Microgreens taste fantastic, look great, smell delicious and can be harvested by hand after a few days.

Multiple private benefits

Each gift allows three cultivation processes, making each harvest a new taste highlight. The nice side effect: the little sprouts are real vitamin bombs and boost your team's immune system.

Ecological and social

The Grow-Grow Nut is biodegradable, the organic seeds it contains come exclusively from Europe. Our logistics partner also offers secure jobs for people with mental or physical disabilities.

Poor Daniel...

Cool, another cup.

Employee gifts are becoming increasingly popular, especially in times of scarce skilled labor. The motivation of your employees is indispensably linked to the perceived appreciation by the employer. But whether mugs and pens with a company logo are the right way to go about it?

We find: It can be done better!

The gift with wow factor

With the Grow-Grow Nut you give away a plastic-free, completely biodegradable microgreen growing kit with a real upcycled coconut to your employees.

Microgreens? These are young, edible seedlings that are not only incredibly delicious, but also packed with lots of vitamins .

Grow-Grow Nut Starter package

Each team member receives:

1x coconut shell
3x coconut soil bricks
3x seeds: radish, broccoli and arugula

The set is enough for 3 cultivation processes and succeeds almost always - even without green thumb. A short cultivation video can be found at the bottom of this page!

Your advantages at a glance

Unique employer branding

Lasting and meaningful gifts increase the positive perception of your company throughout the team. The Grow-Grow Nut creates a private point of reference to your company - every day.

Individual adjustments

If you want to put your company's logo and/or a personalized message on the packaging, that's no problem at all.

Convenient handling

After the initial coordination, there's nothing else for you to do - we'll take care of the rest. If you like, we can even send the packages to your employees' home offices on time!

Long term gift concept

The starter pack alone provides over 3 weeks of growing fun and enjoyment.

If you want to take the momentum with you and not have to think of something new for the next occasion, our refill packs offer an innovative and convenient solution for you as an optional follow-up gift.

And this is how it works

The cultivation with the Grow-Grow Nut in fast forward:

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